Croc Skink
February 21, 2018

They’ve Arrived

On February 20th 2018 the red eyed crock skinks have landed, literally! FedEx express dropped off the package around 9:30am and I quickly got the little skinks home for their acclimation. I’ll make a separate post about their paludarium build, but they have a 40 gallon semi aquatic…

Croc Skink
February 13, 2018

CBB Croc Skink Pair Purchased!

Today is the day…the day for croc skinks! I paid for my male/female pair of red eyed croc skinks February 13, 2018. They are from SoCalHerps and are about a year old. They should be shipping on Monday next week, let the fun begin.

February 9, 2018

Welcome to Everything Red Eyed Crocodile Skink

Glad you stopped by! We are in the process of launching this site containing everything croc skink – from care, feeding, enclosures and handling to documenting a CBB project.